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September 11, 2013

Cartoon poster in Adobe Illustrator

I just finished up a cartoon poster for a good client of mine. And I used my favorite software program, Adobe Illustrator.

If you've never used Adobe Illustrator before, or are hesitant about using it, you are missing out on some wonderful things. First of all, there is no concern with resolution, pixels, that sort of thing. A drawing done in Adobe Illustrator can be enlarged indefinitely with no loss of sharpness. So, this poster can be printed at three feet tall or thirty feet tall. It can be draped over the Empire State Building, or printed on the side of the moon, and it will never, ever, become fuzzy or get "the jaggies".

And since this is a commercial job, for a real client, it is easy to make simple changes. The colors can be changed in seconds with a few mouse clicks. The objects can be rearranged easily. And, wow, those vivid Adobe Illustrator colors are just gorgeous on a cartoon.

Yes, it gets better. My client gets the final artwork as a pdf, which can be edited by anyone, anywhere who has Adobe Illustrator. To do this, be sure to check "Preserve Editing Capabilities" when saving your Adobe Illustrator file. If it's at a printer and they suddenly need to change a dog's nose from black to pink, it's done in seconds. No need to hold everything up while the "original" artwork is found. The pdf is the original artwork!

I have been using, and teaching, Adobe Illustrator for many years now. This type of program was originally known, generically, as "Computer Aided Drafting" (CAD). If you can wrap your head around vectors, you can do any CAD program ever invented, even Adobe Illustrator. Hey, if a cartoonist like me can do it, how difficult can it be?

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