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September 9, 2013

How to make someone stop following you on Google+

Updated information for the November 2015 redesign of Google+

If you have discovered someone in your followers list on Google+ who is obviously doing something wrong, such as selling pornography, you should remove them. It's kind'a "guilt by association", so I check my followers every once in a while and this morning I found an obvious porn page. But making it go away was extremely difficult - it is carefully hidden. But I found it, and here are the steps.

Go to their page, and find the little, teeny, tiny, downward facing triangular-shaped thing. It's to the right of their name. Click on it and a box opens up that give you the option to Report/Block. Do so.

I have no idea why they make this so obscure and so difficult. I wish there was a big neon sign that screamed "Make them stop following me!", but there isn't. But it can be done. I know, it took me a half-hour this morning to find it. Now I'm writing it down here so I can find it again when I need it in the future.

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