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September 14, 2013

How to present yourself on Google+

If you're new to using Google+, you may be wondering how to present yourself. Rest assured that if you belong on Google+, you already know how. The same advice that you heard before going out on your first date, or job interview, still applies: be yourself.

Get a decent photo. No, Google+ is no place for an "avatar" - you wouldn't show up at a date or a business meeting wearing a mask of Darth Vader, would you? There are places where dressing up, and masking your true identity are appropriate - costume parties and childish websites. If you are more comfortable there, fine. Personally, I'm not. Google+ is for grownups.

There, I've said it. I've been a grownup since I started my company at age 19. I named it after myself. I designed a logo, printed up business cards, and went on sales calls. If you've never done anything like that, doing it "in real life" (as if the web isn't real life!) and on the web can feel strange. If you have been, then being on a website with an "avatar" and a goofy name like "the masked avenger" is not for you.

On Google+, show the same face, and present the same information, that you would do at a business meeting. Look your best. Mention your qualifications, but don't come off sounding like you're bragging. Be careful with the "self-effacing" statements, though - the web tends to not understand irony. There is no reason to dwell on your life in college. Presumably, as you are older and wiser now, you were not as old and wise then - especially at that party after the big game!

Since the beginning, social media on the web has been a place for all kinds of weirdos. In the past, I have advised my clients to simply stay away from it, rather than risk their dignity and reputation by association. But Google+ has changed all of that. And it has only happened in the last year. It has become a place where you can, and should, put your best face forward.

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