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September 16, 2013

How to write a post on Google+

If you're new to Google+, you may be nervous about how to write a post. The best way to think of a "post" is to think of a picture with a caption. Because, although you can post with just text, that's wrong. Google+ isn't Twitter. Nor is it Facebook. So do it right.

Find a good photo and write a caption. If this is your very first post, try writing your company's slogan along with the logo. If you own XYZ company, it's fine to say, "the best widgets in the tri-county area!" or if you work there, "The XYZ company is a great place to work!" You could post a photo of you on the company's softball team, or something like that. If you've set up your Google profile correctly, people already know that you are a real human being, and that you work at XYZ company. And if you want to post photos of new-born grandchildren, do so on Facebook, where very few people will see them.

Google+ is about enhancing your professional image. Do NOT post coupons, or obvious sales chatter, unless you want people to immediately "unfollow" you. DO post tips and advice. If you own an air conditioning repair place, mention that it's best to replace your filter every month. That's it.

Google+ has a cumulative effect. That is, it enhances your reputation with each post. And each post, although a small step, takes people where you want them to be. At your website.

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