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How to write a post on Google+

If you've made the decision to start posting on Google+, congratulations. It's the best place for you, and your business, to be on the web. It is a large audience, and, like any good speaker, you should consider your audience before you speak.

There are three audiences to concern yourself with:

1) Your Followers. They are the ones that are watching their Google+ "Stream", which is the same as the Facebook "News Feed". Like Facebook, you will find that the vast majority of people who follow you, at least initially, already know about you, and are showing their support. As you continue to post, your reputation will grow, as will this audience. Treat this audience with respect, even though they aren't your main audience (that's actually 2 and 3 below). Don't post too often (daily is about the most you should, a couple of times a week is better). And don't keep repeating the same old stuff, or your followers will wander off.

2) The people who will find you in a Google search. Yes, everything you post on Google+ is indexed into a Google search. So bear in mind that someone searching for dachshund tips may be lead directly to your Google+ post about dachshunds. So be sure to use keywords. Write everything out. Never abbreviate. Also include wiener dogs, doxies. Writing with keywords without making it sound stiff is an art. If you need help, hire someone with good writing skills.

3) The Google "bots". The Google robotic readers ("bots") automatically crawl around the web, reading everything, and index it in Google. In the bad old days of the web, a couple of years ago, you needed to include special tags for them to read, but no more. They understand plain English (and all the languages of the world!). If you write as if you are writing to real people (see 1 and 2 above), the Google bots will understand you.

Be brief, but not too brief. Writing a Google+ post that just says, "We're the greatest!" is a waste. Write "XYK Company is proud to offer the finest doggy treats for your dachshund. Wiener dogs love them!" Oh yeah, and be sure to include a photo. Or a cartoon!