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The difference between High Definition and Blu-ray

If you own a Blu-ray player, you know what Blu-ray quality is. It's not just high definition, it's "knocks your socks" off incredible. So, yes, it's high definition, but not the "high definition" that you can stream.

First of all, let's define high resolution: It's anything about 480. So high definition can be 720, it can be 1080, and it can be 1080 Blu-ray. So there are three (3) high definitions. Of course, the higher the number, the sharper the image, until you get to a specialized player, which has a blue laser beam inside of it (really!).

High definition that you can stream from places like Netflix is great, but it can't be Blu-ray. And although I invested in a Blu-Ray player years ago, I am finding that I am watching most of the movies I watch these days on Netflix, which is HD (high definition) and looks great, but it's not Blu-ray.

And seriously, unless you need to count all of Sean Connery's nose hairs, most movies aren't worth investing in a Blu-ray copy. For documentaries, like "Planet Earth", they are. In fact, after you've seen the gorgeous picture of Blu-ray, it's just about impossible to appreciate something like that again, even in normal high definition.

So there it is. High Definition does NOT equal Blu-ray. And high definition can be as low as 720. It still looks plenty sharp, though, and it streams. Excuse me, I'm going back to watching a movie on Netflix now!