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September 6, 2013

Where Netflix has moved your Recently Watched list

September 6th, 2013

I like Netflix a lot. It's a great value, and it's especially good for someone with a short attention span, like me. So I start a lot of movies, watch a bit, go to another one, and so on. So that means that I have built up quite a list of "Recently Watched". And sometimes I use that list to go back and watch something again that I particularly liked.

So when I found no more "Recently Watched" list showing on my Chromebook, I was concerned. Yes, I know that it's important for Netflix to continuously refine the experience, and yes, I know that they want to direct me to the stuff they want me to watch. And I will, I promise! But right now I just want my "Recently Watched" list back.

Anyway, it's still there. On a smaller screen, you have to scroll down below the new "splash" stuff that they have put on the top. Oddly enough, on my Mac there is no splash, Just the same page, so it must be something that changes based on screen size. I have no idea why they do this kind'a stuff, but they do.

By the way, the Netflix chat was extremely fast - kudos to them for the quick response. The response was that it wasn't supported on my device, which was wrong, but I don't care. Glad it's still there!

Here is the correct answer: yes, it's still there, just scroll down.

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