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September 13, 2013

Why "circles" don't matter on Google+

Google+ has a lot of stuff that really doesn't matter, and "circles" are one of them. Initially, it was a main feature of this new social media, which allowed you to categorize people into particular circles, such as your friends who like gardening, associates from work, friends who like skateboarding, etc. But the reality of how I am using Google+ and how I am advising my clients is that none of that matters at all, and can be ignored.

Set all of your posts to "public". That way, anyone can see them. They don't need to log into Google+, they don't need to jump through any hoops. Your posts are indexed on Google. If you post about dachshunds, your post will show up in a search for dachshunds, it's that simple.

And there you go!

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