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September 19, 2013

Why you shouldn't design a logo for free

There are a lot of people who work for free - superheroes, millionaires, and all too often, graphic designers. Unfortunately, many times graphic designers can't afford it. But it doesn't stop businesses from asking them to design logos for free.

Oddly enough, many businesses will ask for free graphic design without giving it a second thought. It can be an outright "can you do this for free?", or it can be "draw up a few designs and let me see...", or even a contest where graphic designers donate their talents in the hopes of their logo being chosen. If you're a graphic designer, and have participated in any of these things, be sure to practice the line, "Don't thank me...!"

Don't get me wrong, if you're a graphic designer and you want to design a logo for free, be my guest. I won't stop you. I wish I could. Because not only will you never get anything at all for that logo (although you may be hoping that the business would show how much they appreciate it by flinging bags of gold at you), you make it difficult for legitimate graphic designers to get work. Why would a business want to pay for something if you will give it to them free?

There are very few businesses that "go ahead and get started" without asking for money, or even discussing money. Try to get your lawn mowed by asking someone to "just get started mowing, and we'll see".

Before you start on that logo project, ask yourself if it's charity. I've done a lot of charity work, for my church for example. If it's a gift, give with no strings. If it's something to help a friend, or a relative, charging for a logo would be as outrageous as charging for a ride to the airport. But if it's for a business, stop before you start working on that design. Agree on a price. If you don't know what to charge, find out. It isn't the responsibility of your client to determine what you get paid. Ask for something. If nothing else, ask for lunch. For my first projects, in high school, I just asked for the art materials. If your client says "no", then you really don't have a client, and you really don't have a job.

I would be happy to start on that project for you - I accept Paypal.

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