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Largest pixel size for free Google upload

As of October 2013, the largest pixel size for free Google photo uploads is 2048. Anything over that will eat into your available space on Google. This is a pretty generous size, and I am now uploading to this spec. If you have an image editing program, this is what the numbers mean:

2048 is the maximum number of pixels that your image can be, either in height or width. More about pixels here. I use the professional standard of 72 pixels per inch, so a photo that is 720 pixels wide displays on a web page at ten inches wide. Hey, I never said that I was good at math! If you are good at math, you can see that 2048 pixels is pretty darn big. So the image will be razor sharp even on the biggest monitors. On normal size monitors, like my iMac, it is more than generous.

When you optimize a photo, which is best done in Photoshop, use Save for Web. Select Maximum for quality, and 2048 for image size. Don't worry about the other number, as long as you have constrain proportions, it will be OK.

By the way, this is the new standard for Facebook, too.