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November 19, 2013

How to get a good photo, based on the shape of your head

Everyone wants to see your face. If your Facebook picture is of your dog, or your Google+ profile shows the logo of your favorite team, you may just be under the impression that you can't get a good photo. You can. This is how you do it:

• Look at the shape of your head. Chances are you've had your head all of your life, and you are familiar with it. If not, ask someone who will be honest with you. Do you have a square chin? Do you have a narrow face? Wide? Are you male? Female? Figure this out first.

• If you have a wide face, perhaps with small eyes, especially if you are female, take the photo with your eyes looking up and your chin facing down. This gives the effect of larger eyes and smaller chin. No, don't overdo it, just a bit of chin tuck will work. Guys, don't do this unless you have a ridiculously large chin and very tiny eyes. It looks feminine.

• If you have an average face, just look into the camera. Yes, you look like that, and it's fine. Smile.

• If you have a narrow face, like I do, don't tilt your head down. It just makes the top of your head look bigger and your chin look smaller. Not a good look for a man.

• Tilt your head slightly. Looking straight into the camera, with your head perfectly straight, just looks like a mug shot. A slight head tilt makes you look more open and friendly.

• If you wear glasses, wear glasses in the photo. The only problem with glasses is reflection. Getting glasses to not show reflection is tricky, but it can be done.

You can use an ordinary digital camera to take a good photo of yourself. Personally, I recommend learning how to do it yourself. All cameras have a timer so you can sit there grinning and tilting your head as much as you want until you get the shot that's right. Whatever you do, don't do a "selfie", where you hold the camera at arms length and get that weird "bulging nose" effect. No, you don't look like that, thankfully.

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