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What Google+ ripples are all about

To view "ripples" on a post, you first have to have someone reshare a post of yours. Then as the person who got the reshare, reshares, the post "ripples". You get to ripples by viewing "Activity on this post". Of course, if no one has reshared one of your posts, then "ripples" won't appear in the menu.

I have a page called Phoenix, Arizona Historical Images, where I post old photos of Phoenix, which is my hobby. And if people like the post they will click a +1. If they really, really like it, they will click and +1 and say something like "very cool!" If they really, really, really like it, they will reshare it, and post it onto their Google+ page. And if someone sees it, and in turn reshares it, it ripples.

If you see a reshare when you view activity on your Google+ post, take a look at ripples.