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December 20, 2013

How to select the best phone for you

A cell phone, or other piece of technology that you use, is only as good as its ability to support what you need. If you ask people what type of phone, or computer, or car, or just about anything they would recommend, you will get a lot of answers. And those varying answers make sense only if you look at how that person uses that particular piece of technology.

You could, of course, go visit a store, look at phones, and talk to the salespeople. Seems a pretty unpleasant thing to do, but a lot of people do it. But if you remember the basic principle of salesmanship, that is that "people don't go the hardware store to buy drills, they go to buy holes in their walls", you can help answer your question yourself.

You could list how you would use the phone. Personally, I talk on mine, so I have a simple flip phone. I don't travel much, so when I need to use Google maps, etc., I use my computer. That's what I'm typing on right now. But you aren't me.

You could find someone who is similar to you. Someone who uses a phone the same way that you plan to. They may be using it for business, they may be using it to text, they may be using it to play Angry Birds. If they're using a phone to do stuff that you have no interest in doing, pass their recommendation by.

I'm a believer in using technology to enhance your life. There's a lot of it out there, and there has been since the invention of the wheel. Ask yourself what you want, that's all that matters.

OK, since you asked, here the comparison between Android and iPhone;

• Get an Android is you're kind'a techy and like the freedom to assemble and reassemble things.

• Get an iPhone if you just want everything to work, and don't mind paying a premium for that privilege.

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