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December 24, 2013

Reliance on technology

All my life I've heard people say that it's not safe to rely on technology. What if it fails? Then they step into an elevator and push a button, hurtling themselves up thousands of feet, relying on a technology that they know nothing about.

I like technology. It has made my life better. When people talk about technology, they usually mean computers. I like my computers. I have lots of them. They're in my car's engine, in my microwave, you see where I'm going with this. And that's why I have a broader view of what technology is.

Many years ago I was accosted by a lady who was offended by my use of a "Palm Pilot" to write down appointments. I was sitting in a waiting room. She told me that in "in her day, people just remembered appointments!" I remember wondering if she had lived before the invention of writing. She really did look that old.

Technology has been good to me. My career began with "desktop publishing". I taught computer graphics for years, and I use Adobe Illustrator for my cartoons. And I've seen people express concern about reliance on technology. But guess what, it's too late. And it's been too late since the invention of writing.

Go buy that computer. You'll love it. And you will rely on it.

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