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Why lazy people are often the most successful

OK, I'll admit it, I'm lazy. And like most lazy people, I will spend hours creating a system that will do stuff for me, instead of minutes just doing the stuff. Oddly enough, in the long run, this pays off.

A truly lazy person will minimize the amount of effort and trouble it takes to do any particular task. They will devise a system for carrying in firewood in one load, rather than making two trips. So, if you are lazy, that is a good sign of future success.

There is nothing sadder to me than watching someone working hard. When I taught at The Art Institute of Phoenix, I called it "chopping wood". Since I taught computer software, I was genuinely excited about how much a computer program could do. It was perfect for a lazy person like me, but it seemed to make no sense to the hard workers. The hard workers would refuse to learn the shortcuts, and instead they would sit there for hours. Many of these "chopping wood" people would boast about how many hours it took them to create something, or they would ask "how many hours did that take?" of someone else. Since I could do what took them hours in minutes, using macros, I felt sorry for them, and hoped that they will take notes in class.

Of course, it helps explain why people who work the hardest, and the longest, are usually less successful. If you've seen the expression "working smarter, not harder", you are seeing a good slogan for a lazy person.

One of the first things I learned in desktop publishing was a "style sheet". It just meant that, instead of deciding the font, size, color, etc. every time I worked on a page, I had all of that stuff stored up and could style with a click. And of course, you can do that on the web, too.

Luckily, lazy people like me are paid for the work we do, not how hard we work.