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January 14, 2014

A trick for watching Netflix on Apple TV

Watching Netflix on Apple TV is wonderful. The picture on my 1080p TV is wonderful and the sound is awesome. The drawback is the navigation. Typing in stuff by going "click-click-click" through the alphabet is something I don't want to do.

This is not a criticism of Apple TV. It's just that when you want to search for something, it's much easier to do it with a computer, using a keyboard and a mouse. So I found a good trick.

Watch Netflix on Apple TV, but search for movies on your computer. And when you find a movie you want to watch, put it in your list. When you go back to Apple TV, go to My List, and select the movie you want. I have several in the list, and if I don't feel in the mood to watch something, I'll select something else. With a click.

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