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How to charge for information on the web

To read this blog post, please insert twenty-five cents in the slot above. Yeah, right.

You really can't charge that way for information on the web. When you Googled "How to charge for information on the web" and found this blog post, you expected it to be free, right? Of course you did, and so would I, and everyone else on the web.

We are used to getting free information. The web has been supplying free information since the '90s. And libraries have been supplying free information from before that. If you were a kid before the age of the internet, you could get free information at the reference desk at your library. If you were a kid before the invention of libraries (and just how old are you?) you could get free information by sitting next to the fire with an elder.

Expecting people to pay for information is unreasonable. There is so much competition that if you asked someone for money before you told them where the drop shadow is in Photoshop, they would just click and away and find someone who would tell them for free. It's under the Layers Window.

But people will pay for packaging. If you print it on paper, as a book or magazine, people will pay real money for it. And if you present it as a class a school, with classrooms, attendance sheets, etc., people will pay for that. If you look at the actual information, you will find it's something that people can get for free. But people like to buy books, magazines, and attend classes.

Free information, like this post on Blogger, is supported, like free radio, with advertising. I make a few pennies a day, but that's not why I write this blog. This blog helps to promote my business, . I give away a lot of free information here, because, well, my business isn't selling information, it's selling cartoon illustration.

If you want to make money on free information, get busy putting it in a tangible package. Then offer that on the web. That's how to charge for information on the web.