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January 15, 2014

How to tell the version of the operating system you have on your Macintosh

To see what version of the Macintosh operating system you  have, go to the Apple Menu (at the very top left of your screen, it looks like an apple) and select "About This Mac."

Unfortunately, it does not tell you if it's Lion, or Mountain Lion, or Mavericks. It would nice if it did! It just gives a number. Why they couldn't be bothered to write it there, I have no idea. But here is the "cheat sheet" for OS X, which is OS ten.

10.5 is Leopard 
10.6 is Snow Leopard 
10.7 is Lion 
10.8 is Mountain Lion
10.9 is Mavericks

And there you go! Keep up to date, or not. It's a personal choice.

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