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January 13, 2014

Installing Mavericks on your Mac

The latest upgrade to the Macintosh OS is called "Mavericks". If you have Lion or Mountain Lion, you can upgrade. I went from Lion. I guess they must have run out of names of cats.

Anyway, it's free and it's easy. I did it this afternoon and the only thing that seemed a little strange is that I couldn't tell if it was working. I Googled "how to tell if Mavericks is downloading" and found that it would take from a half-hour to an hour. I really didn't mind, I wandered off and watched Netflix on my Apple TV, but it would have nice if they had mentioned it on the page. Maybe they did, but I never saw it.

Anyway, aside from that strange feeling that "everything is the same, and yet everything is different" that always happens with a software upgrade, it worked fine.

Mavericks, near San Mateo, California

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