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January 1, 2014

Social interaction through the written word

Like a lot of people, I recently became concerned about my reliance on email and social media to communicate with my friends and my clients. Somehow I had gotten it into my head that I was missing the "personal touch". So called some people.

As you may have imagined, everyone I called was right in the middle of doing something. They were putting away groceries, or at the bank, or shopping. And it has reminded me of the the courtesy of communicating with the written word.

And if you think that this is a new thing, think again. People have been writing to each other since the invention of writing. And a letter, whether on paper or electronic, can be read by someone at their leisure. Writing an email, or a letter through "snail mail", will never interrupt someone at dinner. It will never cause them to look away while they are driving.

The written word is the personal touch. When someone receives a letter, or an email, from you, they know it's personal. So don't avoid sending something that someone can read at their leisure. It's only when it's addressed to "My valued clients" or "To my friends" that it becomes impersonal. And you can do that type of communication on social media, which is fine. And, like junk mail, your friends and clients can avoid that without feeling bad about it.

So here it is: Send thank you and short messages with the written word. Send an email, write a letter, send a postcard. Don't interrupt people with a phone call. That just makes you seem lazy. If you're running late for lunch, send a text.

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