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Texting using Gmail

I'm a big user of technology, but I don't text on my phone. I have never felt the need for a smart phone, although I've felt the need for just about every other new piece of technology ever invented. I'm not really sure why, it may be that I am so used to the massive power of my computer that using a tiny screen with my thumbs just seems, well, kind'a silly. With all due respect to people who do text a lot on their phones, to me it's like riding a tricycle when I have a Ferrari in my garage. Cute, but not necessary.

That being said, many people like texting. It is much more civilized that just picking up the phone and interrupting someone. And some people just plain don't respond to their email. So I am using the text function in gmail. If you wanna do it, it will take some time, and some patience, to get it set up, but it's worth it. It's also good to have friends who are willing to text stuff out for you before you start to use it "for real".

Of course, Gmail doesn't call it "texting". No, that would be too easy. They call it SMS. But wait, it gets worse, they also use the term "Chats". Sigh. I don't think they are necessarily trying to hide this stuff, but it would be nice if they didn't use these other terms. Maybe they are being clever. I can't believe that they can't use the term "text" - as if it were copyright protected.

Anyway, once you find SMS, and Chat, doing texting on your computer using Gmail is pretty easy. For me the hard part was finding out what they call it. I use it a lot, and it really does work.