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January 27, 2014

The benefits, and drawbacks, of updating your Mac to Mavericks

If you're wondering if you should update your Mac to Mavericks, yes you should. I updated my Mac about a week ago and it's doing fine. I have not seen anything revolutionary (which is nice) and there are some tiny touches are exactly the kind of refinement that I have to expect from the nice people at Apple (dang, I sound like a commercial now!).

Anyway, the main advantage of upgrading is that it will keep you current when you need to do something that hasn't been invented yet. If your operating system lags behind several years, don't be surprised to find out that future stuff won't work on it. I plan for the future. If you don't think like this, you are probably getting angry at the unfairness of the world, and if you do think like this, you have probably already upgraded to Mavericks or have already decided to do so.

Another advantage is that it's free. I have been used to having to pay a bunch of money for an upgrade, so having it be free was just kind of amazing. Yep, you go to the Apple site and download Mavericks. For free.

The biggest drawback that I found is that it takes a lot of time. That is, the download, with my fast internet connection, took nearly an hour. They really don't tell you that when you start the process, so it's like looking at water, waiting for it to boil. Once I figured that out, I wandered out to do some errands, and once the download was finished, it went very fast. Click, click.

And there you go. Do everything that you always do anyway, back up your files (you are using time machine aren't you?), don't have a lot of garbage applications (I use mostly Adobe stuff), and you will be fine.

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