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January 15, 2014

Using Gmail to keep an eye on comments

If you have several blogs and Google+ pages, like I do, you should use Gmail. I have a my professional blog, my gardening blog, my fitness blog, and my songs blog. I also have a Google+ personal page, and two Google+ business pages. And they are all public, and they all allow comments.

I'm not lazy, but I don't feel like going to all of these places and scrolling around, looking for comments. And since I use Gmail, I don't have to.

Strings of spam comments on your blog or page just make you look like an idiot. So if I visit your blog and the comments are obscene, or unrelated, maybe selling something, I know that you aren't even aware of what's going on on your blog. But there is an easy way to keep an eye on comments, and it starts with using Google Blogger (like this), Google+, and, of course, Gmail (which means Google Mail).

The thing to look for in your Gmail is a tab labelled "Social". The tab that you will spend most of your time in is "Primary", but as soon as a comment in posted on any of your blogs or Google+ pages, it goes into "Social". If you're wise, you will act fast. Read the comment (you can do it right there in Gmail), and deal with it. Most of the time, you will need to do nothing.

There is also a little bell-shaped thing that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen that lets you know about notifications. If you get a lot of ordinary plusses, like I do, you can ignore that for quite a while. But pay attention to your "Social" tab - read the comments, and act.

By the way, this won't work for Facebook. Facebook is a place for friends, not business. I go over there and see how my brother is doing, and to see pictures of his dogs. It's worth the trip.

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