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Why I like watching Netflix better on Apple TV than on the computer

I have been enjoying Netflix for about a year now. At first I just watched it on my computer. Then I got a Chromebook and graduated to watching it there, with WiFi, along with the computer. And then I got Apple TV.

The interface for Netflix on Apple TV is different from on a browser. And in addition to seeing the gorgeous 1080p picture on my big screen, there is overall a better experience there.

First of all is the sound. Now, there is nothing wrong with my iMac, and I use my iHome speakers on my Chromebook, but my Samsung TV has got some awesome speakers built in. And it really gives the feeling of watching a movie.

Also, on Apple TV, the credits don't shrink down into the corner and show a screen that encourages you to watch something else. The credits play the all the way through, just like on a real movie. And then it stops. There is also a description of the movie. Same with TV shows.

Overall, it's just a richer experience. I will still watch Netflix a little bit on a browser, but only when I have to. Watching it on Apple TV is the best way to go.