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February 12, 2014

A blue-collar work ethic in a white-collar world

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like my dad. I wanted to wear a shirt and tie to work, I wanted to work for a large corporation, I wanted to be a college graduate. And I did. And I have come to realize that, just like my dad, I brought a blue-collar work ethic to white-collar work.

If you dismay of the younger generation not wanting to work hard (or even show up for work) all you have to do is to look at blue-collar workers. These people are not afraid of hard work, or getting dirty. And they are there every day, keeping the lights on for the rest of us. Every time you see a functioning traffic light at three a.m., there is someone there with a blue-collar work ethic making sure it is.

My dad, who was the traffic manager at the Ford Motor Company in St. Paul, Minnesota, never missed a day of work in thirty years. Yeah, that's kind'a crazy. Can't recommend that. But he sat at a desk, and talked on a phone. I know that he had seen people who showed up for much more physically demanding work. I'm not saying that it's smart to show up for work when you're not feeling good, I'm just saying that it underlines a real blue-collar work ethic.

In my field, graphic design, I was surprised at how little it took to knock people out. Learning computers? Too difficult? Invention of the web? More drop-outs. And it's funny to look back and realize that I never, for a minute, dreamed of wimping out.

No, I never came home with dirt underneath my fingernails. But I worked hard. Just like my dad.

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