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February 27, 2014

How knowing Adobe Illustrator gives you an advantage

It's a tough job market for Graphic Designers. And as long as I can remember, we were expected to "know everything". But if you're a Graphic Designer, and want to stand out from the crowd, or if you're thinking of hiring a Graphic Designer, the advantage is Adobe Illustrator.

If you have a portfolio filled with Photoshop, that's fine. Everyone else does. But don't expect people to be all that impressed. The last time anyone was impressed by Photoshop skills was 1995. And yes, you should have Photoshop stuff. But include Adobe Illustrator and you go to the next level. It shows that you understand a concept called "vectors".

As an employer, this has an additional advantage beyond Adobe Illustrator. Someone who knows vectors will be better at InDesign. And, unless you're hiring someone strictly to do web design, InDesign and Illustrator are the two things that a Graphic Designer needs to be the strongest at. Think page layout and logo design. Vectors.

Adobe Illustrator - vectors
When I taught at the Art Institute of Phoenix, I found a lot of students resisted learning, and using, Adobe Illustrator. They would spend hours and hours on something that would only take a few minutes in Illustrator, if they only knew how. And when confronted by a page layout program, like InDesign, which is just an extension of a basic vector program, they were confounded.

Yeah, it's not fair that people who know Adobe Illustrator have an advantage. But who said that life, and the job market, was going to be fair?

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