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Keeping your social media business posts fresh

One of the frustrating things about posting in social media, such as Google+ or Facebook, for your business, is how quickly the posts get old, and lost. I call this the "short shelf life" of a post. And if you have posted stuff, only to find that no one seems to be looking at it anymore, don't despair. Whatever you do, don't tell people to scroll back to what you posted last year, which essentially accuses your readers of being lazy. You're the one being lazy. Post it again.

No, I'm not recommending that you repeat posts over and over like a TV commercial. The people who are looking at your posts are human, you know. And we don't like "old news". But if that great photo that you took in 2012 still looks great, post it again. Write something fresh, but use the same photo. No, don't say "here is something you may have missed from 2012", that's just plain rude. Just post it. Keep it fresh.

People don't scroll through old posts. They also don't read previous comments. That's just the way it is. Deal with it.