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February 27, 2014

What your posts look like on a phone

If you're composing your posts on a big, wide-screen computer, like the one I am in front of right now, you may be surprised at how different they look on a phone. And since a large percentage of your audience will view your posts on their phone, it's worth taking a look from their point of view.

And here it is: include a photo, or a drawing (I like to use my cartoons if I can't think of anything else), and get to the point. Long, boring introductions will just get your posts ignored. If you're like me, and don't use a Smart Phone, borrow one from a friend sometime and take a look at your posts. Yep, you will see the image, the headline, and the first paragraph. Waste that, and no one will read further.

The best way to write a post is to follow the formula of a newspaper. Attention-grabbing headline, photo, get to the point. Go into more detail later. Don't be surprised if people fail to read the rest of the post, or the article. The reality is that when people are looking at their phone, they probably have a lot of other things vying for their attention. Maybe not bees coming out of the bottom of a lawn mower, but you get my point.

This cartoon was done a few years ago for a client of mine named "Rambling Russ", who has had many life adventures, including being attacked by a swarm of bees while he was mowing a lawn. See? If you've read all the way down to here, it's just detail. Hopefully still interesting, but detail.

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