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February 3, 2014

Why people don't want to read your blog

I just tried to read your blog, but I clicked away very quickly. And the reason has nothing to do with the subject, which I found interesting, or even the writing, which I never really got a chance to read. It had to do with a very high level of "annoyance factor".

As a graphic designer, I'm aware that people hate to work hard to read something. Sure, if it's a treasure map, or something that they really, really, care about, they will work hard to read it. Otherwise, we are so used to good graphic design that if it becomes an effort, we look away.

If you want people to read your blog, you need to learn some basic graphic design. And luckily, that's easy. Pick up any magazine. The rules are simple, grab attention, and then make it easy to read. And here it is:

• Keep the text in a dark color, and the background in a light color. And whatever you do, don't put some type of image behind the text. Yes, people will good eyesight can read red text on a black background, but it is wildly annoying.

• Don't write in ALL CAPS or in all bold. If your text is in all in bold, or all in caps, you are shouting. No one wants to read that. If you're using all caps or bold because you noticed how difficult it was to read your text on that colored background, see the paragraph above.

• Use sentences, and paragraphs. One glance at a page that has no breaks at all will make any right-minded person look away. Break it up.

And there you go. Chances are good that your blog is interesting, if only if were readable. Clean it up.

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