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Why you should show your face on the web

It's your right not to show your face on the web. You can also walk around in a chicken suit at the local Wal-Mart if you'd like to. It's a free country, and I will defend your right to do it, but, hey, you're kind'a creeping everyone out.

If you don't mind creeping everyone out, then by all means use an "avatar" on the web instead of your real face. Show a picture of your dog, or your favorite team's logo. You could even use Groucho Marx (that's him in the photo). Hey, it annoys the grownups, but if they can't take a joke, forget them. But if you are a grownup, and want to behave like one, just like "in real life" (as if the web isn't real life), show your face.

Now, I'm not talking about people who are in the witness protection program. There are a lot of people with valid reasons to remain anonymous. If you don't, then it's time to let people see your face.

I'm an illustrator, and a cartoonist, and I like faces. I like to sit somewhere and watch the faces go by. I remember being fascinated by faces when I was a kid, and I still am. Faces make me feel good. And I imagine that most people feel the same.

Get a good photo. Post it. Face the world.