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March 14, 2014

Dealing with destructive people

As a creative person, my arch-enemy for all of my life has been the destructive person. I have always liked to draw, and I remember watching in horror as one of the kids in school scribbled all over a drawing that I had spent hours on. If you're a creative person, you know what I mean. And if destructive people have discouraged you, then there are things that you can do.

• Keep in mind that most destructive people are acting in what they consider self-defense. And any reasonable person will lash out violently if they are threatened. Unfortunately, just doing a drawing that (to them) is better than they could do is threatening. Quite simply, it's easier for them to destroy the drawing (which is a threat) than eliminate the feeling of being threatening by doing a good drawing themselves. So, the better you do, the more these people will be threatened. Sorry, there is nothing to be done about this. And if you stop being creative for fear of being attacked, then the world has lost something beautiful - you.

• Don't engage destructive people. That is, don't respond to their taunts. They want to be bullies, and if you can push a button and *make them disappear*, do so. On the web, it's the delete button. Yes, they will rage against this, but, trust me, everyone else will be glad when they're gone. Unless you're a destructive person yourself, you probably couldn't keep up with them in a *who can be nastier* argument. Destructive people have been practicing being nasty all of their life, if you haven't, don't try.

• Be creative. Do your artwork, perform your music. Surround yourself with supportive people. Within a trusted group, you can grow and flourish, and yes, even be criticized.

The most important lesson here is to never let the destructive people stop you. No, it will never stop hurting, trust me, but you don't want them to win. Go draw, go dance, go make music! If you can convert a destructive person to a creative person, you have made the world a better place.

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