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March 9, 2014

How to manage notifications for Google+

If you use Google+, you have a Gmail account. And that's how you manage your notifications. Unfortunately, if you don't use your Gmail account, you are missing out on notifications for Google+. And it's an excellent system.

When you check your messages in Gmail, you will see three tabs: Primary, Social, and Forums. Everything that is posted in Google+ automatically goes into the Social tab. Emails that are sent directly to you go to your Primary tab. You can ignore Forums for now.

To practice this, go to my Google+ cartoon page and write something like, *what a great cartoon!* When I reply to you with a thank you comment, it will show up in your Social tab in Gmail. What's nice about the fact that it's in the Social tab is that comments don't clutter up your Gmail account. I always give my first attention to my Primary tab, and then go through the Social tab at my leisure.

If you use Google+, it's wise to keep an eye on it. Remember that, unlike Facebook, which is a place for friends, Google+ is a place for contacts. Google+ is where strangers become friends. Hope to see you there!

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