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March 13, 2014

Learning your new appliances like computers

If you just bought some new appliances, you are probably looking at the controls, and the owner's manuals, as if they were on the dashboard of a 747. And really, it's not the fault of the manufactures, they meant well. Of course, you just want to heat up some water in the microwave. And luckily, you can, and the newer the appliances are, the easier it is. The trick is to treat them like computers.

My career grew up with computers. I use them every day. I take good care of them and they take good care of me. No, they're not magic. They're designed by imperfect humans, like you and I. They're made of ordinary plastic and metal. In my longish life, I've seen computers go from being amazing when they worked, to being frustrating when they don't work. If you follow me.

Like computers, and computer software, about 99% of what you are looking at doesn't matter. There are options, after options, after options. Sometimes it seems a shame that you will never use most of what you spent your money on (I still use only the tiniest fraction of Adobe Photoshop, although I've taught it for years - it's that complex), but you have to focus on what you need, not what the computer can do.

Like computers, and computer software, I take a glance at the owner's manual. I usually leave them sitting around for a few days, glance through them, making mental notes of what's important, and what isn't. Most of it isn't important, but the important stuff you gotta find.

Just like computers, and computer software, the best thing to do is to go with the *default settings*. That is, don't start trying to change things around. Not only is that very difficult to do, it can end up defeating the purpose of the computer programming. Push the button that says *start*.

By the way, the same trick that I use for getting answers to computer software questions works the same way for appliances. Just Google *how do...* and someone, probably like me, who likes to blog about that stuff, will give you an answer.

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