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The importance of monitoring comments on your blog

I wrote a short blog post this morning and was shocked to see that it had been spammed almost immediately. It was an unfortunately typical kind of comment, filled with obscenity. And it's a reminder of how important it is to monitor your comments using Gmail.

If you use Blogger, you have a Gmail account. And the tab that says *Social* is the one that picks up any comments on your blog. And believe me, if you have a nasty comment on your blog post, you want to get rid of it fast. I have visited people's blogs and there are sometimes old nasty comments that express the opinion that the author is an idiot. While I may be an idiot, I really don't need a comment like that on my blog post that points it out.

I don't know what about the internet seems to cause these kinds of comments. If you've ever visited YouTube, you know what I mean. In fact, I use the safety settings on YouTube just so I can't see the comments.

Remember that your blog is not a forum, unless you choose to make it that way. The world is filled with nasty, small-minded people who *get their kicks* by saying, and writing, nasty comments. That will never change. You can't make them go away, but luckily, you can make their comments go away. Just click *remove*.

By the way, if you aren't seeing any comments on your blog posts, don't worry. Most people don't really feel the need to say anything. I monitor the amount of visits my blogs get, and usually the comments are just spam, anyway. There are good ones though, and those I keep.