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The two audiences for your blog posts

If you write a blog, there are two audiences that will visit it. One is the group of people who follow when you post a link on your Google+ page, or your Linkedin page, or Facebook, and the other is the group that finds your blog post through either a Google search or through a link that they have found somewhere else.

Back in the old days of blogging, the initial idea was that people would *follow* and read all of your posts. There was even something called *RSS* that allowed people to have a *reading list* so they could follow their favorite authors. But that didn't really work. That's not how people read blog posts.

If you want to have people read your blog posts, you need to promote them. That is, after you write a blog post, you go to your Google+ page and post a link. I also sometimes post the link on Linkedin, which does an automatic post on Twitter, but rarely on Facebook. That's because you want the *Google bots*, that index everything on Google, to notice your blog post. And that's because of your second audience, the ones who are searching for *training a puppy dachshund*, for example.

After you write a blog post, and promote it (by putting a link on your Google+ page), it will be indexed by Google and become searchable. And that's when the secondary audience begins to kick in. So if you don't see much activity initially, don't despair, give it time. If you've written a good blog post, with original content that somebody out there might want to see, it will be found.

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