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March 5, 2014

What cartoon illustration is

When I tell people that I draw cartoons, their first reaction is to think that I do the "funnies" in the newspaper. I really don't do that, I do cartoon illustration.

I like to draw, but I'm not really a "gag writer", which is really what the "funnies" in newspapers are all about. If a gag writer would write the caption, I could draw the cartoon, but that's about it. And besides, there really isn't that much work in gag cartoons. There is, however, a lot of work in cartoon illustration.

If you like to draw cartoons, and would like to do it professionally, you will have to learn to understand how to use your artwork to compliment your client's needs. My cartoons are used for posters, ads, brochures, that sort of thing. They are definitely not the most important part of the layout, they are just used to attract attention.

The poster like the one shown, is a typical example. This is not a cartoon on the "funny pages" in a newspaper. There is really no joke caption, but it does use the elements of a newspaper cartoon that we are all familiar with. And the idea is to attract attention, and get people to read it. And my client was wise enough to know that simple drawings and simple statements can communicate well.

So, when I meet people, I tell them that I am an illustrator. Then, if they ask what kind, I saw that I am a cartoon illustrator. If they know what it means, that's great. If they don't, they ask if I'm on the funny pages in the newspaper. I'm not on the funny pages, but if you've lived in the Phoenix area for the past twenty years, you've seen my cartoons. And if you really didn't look at the cartoons, I don't mind. I'm just glad that you saw the poster.

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