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Custom cartoon illustrations

I am doing cartoon illustrations nowadays more than ever. The modern world of email and jpegs have made it easier than ever both for me and my clients. And this is how it works:

• A client gets in touch with me. It's best through email, as it seems to be easier for people to be specific. For example, they need a drawing of a dog. Or two dogs. Or a dog and a cat dancing on a picket fence in the rain. You see what I mean. The more specific my clients can be, the better price I can give.

• A specific quote is written. Again, this is where email comes in so handy. In the bad old days I would have had to write a letter and mail it. The quote is a guarantee of price and a clarification of the work to be done. Whenever I hear of things going wrong between a client and an illustrator, it's always been about miscommunication. I won't start any drawing until both my client and I know exactly what I will be doing.

Speaking for myself, when I hire someone, for example to trim the trees in my yard, I want an exact quote. I don't want an estimate or a "it depends". And I don't them to just show up and start cutting. If they ask for a 50% deposit, that's even better. I know exactly what the final price will be. I may not be very good at math, but I know what 50% means - half! So when I write a quote, I do the same thing. A 50% deposit is required before I start drawing.

• A sketch is supplied. Once I receive the deposit, I get to work sketching. I pride myself on understanding what people want in a cartoon, and if I'm just a little bit off, that's no problem, I just modify the sketch. It's usually something small such as *make the dog's ears pointy, not floppy*. When the client is happy with the sketch, the second half of the payment is requested for the final art. This not only protects me as an illustrator, it sends a clear message to the client to be specific about what they want. Sure, I can change a color or something small like that later, but I want my client to make the important decisions while the project is still in sketch mode. Sketches are easy to modify, but final artwork isn't.

• The final artwork is supplied in any format, and at any size, that the client needs. Since I use Adobe Illustrator for the final artwork, which is a vector format, I can output to any file type, from jpeg to pdf, and at any size.

And there it is. I love drawing cartoons, and doing them *through cyberspace* like this is very pleasant, both for me and my clients. My speciality is custom cartoon illustration, and I have been doing it for over twenty years.

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