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April 22, 2014

Does that make sense?

One of the most difficult things about teaching, and training, is getting feedback from the student. No student wants to look stupid, so it's only human nature for someone to just follow along, smiling, long after they are lost. And it's downright insulting for a teacher, or trainer, to ask a student if they understand. As a personal trainer, I stumbled into the phrase *does that make sense?*  many years ago. This phrase worked well as it put the emphasis on the trainer's ability to explain, not the student's ability to understand. Still, it amounted to the same thing, and unfortunately, after all of these years, people are wising up to it, and resenting the phrase.

Does that make sense?

If you've heard someone stop and say *does that make sense*, it's because they want to be reassured, before going on any further, that you understand so far. If you don't understand, the best answer is to say something like, *no, I don't follow your explanation*. A good trainer will not ever be offended by this.

If you do understand, and are slightly insulted by hearing *does that make sense?*, do more than just say *yes*. Repeat back exactly what you understand. For example, *Yes, vectors are mathematical points as opposed to rasters, gotch'a*. If you're a fast learner, hearing *does that make sense?* over and over is like getting stuck in traffic. If you want to get moving faster, give your trainer feedback.

Does that make sense?

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