This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

Handling work inquiries

I started doing freelance Graphic Design and Illustration when I was 19, and in addition to learning more about the craft, I learned about the business of, well, business. One of my first clients was (and still is) the motivational speaker +JOEL WELDON and I learned a lot about sales by virtue of doing the cartoons for his presentations, and the layout for his catalogs. Yeah, I did his website, too, if you want to see it.

One of the biggest challenges to a freelancer is work inquires. And this is an instance where email has really helped a lot.

I respond to all work inquires right away, and I save them in a folder labelled *Work Inquiries*. Some of them are referrals, but the majority are from people who have seen my cartoons on the internet. And I think sometimes people are kind'a surprised to find that I am a real person. I am. I draw cartoons.