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How technology makes people stupid and lazy

I like technology. My career took off with the invention of desktop publishing and I also rode the crest of the popularity of teaching Adobe software. And, yeah, I liked this stuff right away. Still do. And all of my life I have heard people saying how technology is making people stupid and lazy. And, well, it's true. I am stupid and lazy.

If you are one of those people who resents GPS, you may remember that *back in your day*, people just knew where they were going. To which I say, *before the invention of maps?* I've always liked maps. Drop me anywhere in the world with a map and I will find my way. I'm sure that there was a time when people just kind'a knew where they were going without a map, but that would have been thousands of years ago. And if you resent technology, you probably wouldn't take too kindly to my using a compass, either.

Technology, like maps, and writing, frees up people from having to memorize everything. And in a complex world (I'm talking about anytime after the invention of agriculture) this kind of stuff comes in pretty handy.

When you expand your view of technology is, you can understand why people like it so much. If you think these people are stupid and lazy because they are using GGS maps, and are looking up on the internet where the closest restaurant is, and what food it serves, you're right. But it's the kind of stupid and lazy that I want to be!

There. I told you I like this stuff!