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April 11, 2014

In defense of wealthy people

I've known several very wealthy people. Like everything else, it ranges from *well to do* to *rich beyond the dreams of avarice*. If all you've ever seen of the rich and famous are the gates of their mansions and their limos going by, I can understand if it bugs you.

Hating wealthy people is right up there with hating celebrities. I suppose it starts with resentment, and jealously. Hey, who wouldn't be jealous of someone with a garage-full of classic cars? And I guess the thought process is that if these people have so much, they must have taken it away from someone else, right?

If you've ever dreamed of being rich and famous, be careful what you wish for. Sure, everybody I know wants to hit the lottery, or maybe they want to have a hit song. From a distance it's pretty much what everyone seems to want.

The first thing that wealthy people are criticized for is *how cheap they are*. This is because, in spite of their multi-million dollar mansions and their exotic cars, apparently they aren't buying you lunch. Or lending you a few hundred bucks, you know, like they wouldn't even feel it. And this makes them a constant target. They are targets from shirt-tail relatives who show up from nowhere to people who would kidnap their children.

Wealthy people are just people. They have the same concerns as everyone. I like to say, *if you cut them, do they not bleed?* They get sick, their lives are touched by death, by tragedy. Wealth does not insulate them from life. And if they put up gates and tint their windows against hateful and hurtful people, can you really blame them?

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