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May 24, 2014

How to make a comment on Google+

If you're new to Google+, or to social media in general, you may be wondering how to make comments. If you've seen the rude, obscene, and idiotic comments on YouTube, you may be reluctant to make any type of comment, and I really can't blame you. If you've seen the *LOL hehehe that's what she said* comments on Facebook, you may be under the impression that making comments is, by its nature, a way to just make yourself look stupid. But I have good news.

The way to make a comment on Google+ is exactly the way that you have been presenting yourself *in real life* (as if the web isn't real life!) for years. Stand up and speak. Say something that's on your mind that relates to the post you just saw. Use complete sentences. Think twice before you click, just as you would think twice before you spoke up in public.

When you speak up in a public place, don't be surprised if people listen.

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