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Learning new software

One of the most annoying things in the work world is having to learn new software. And annoying as it is to learn an upgrade, learning software that is conceptually brand new to you can be overwhelming. As a teacher and trainer, I've seen a lot of sad (and sometimes angry!) faces.

I was one of the young Graphic Designers who jumped into the new technology right away. The reason that I did it is because I could see an advantage for me. Using Adobe Illustrator meant that I would never, ever have to start over on inking a cartoon because I smeared the ink. I had been using pen and ink since I started drawing cartoons, and believe me, there is no *undo* button when you tip over a bottle of ink!

So, ask yourself how learning a new piece of software will help you. If you can't answer that, and no one else can, you will suffer *going through the motions*. It's like taking a class in school. If you don't see yourself using that information, why are you in that class? Because *it's required* is no answer. I used to start all of my classes in Adobe Illustrator by going around the class and asking why people were there. A percentage said, *because it's required for my major*, but many people had heard about Adobe Illustrator, and were ready to add this piece of software to their skill set to help their career. And those were the people who would become the most successful.

If you are asking, *why do I gotta do this stuff?*, you are asking the right question. If you are signed up for a class, or are being asked to learn a new piece of software, ask yourself if this is necessary for you. Will you use it? Will it make things easier and better for you at the job? Chances are very good that if your boss recommends it to you, it will.