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May 30, 2014

The end of CD discs

I visited MacMedia yesterday, and as I was browsing, and asking about what computer I should replace this one with, I found out that the new iMacs will no longer have a CD drive. Of course, you can buy a separate CD drive, which plugs into a USB port, which I will probably do, but it's interesting to me to watch how Apple has always predicted the end of things.

When I first started teaching Graphic Design, in the 90s, I would take along a disc (no, not a CD, the old fashioned-discs that were used before that) to whatever classroom I was assigned to, and load in whatever I needed for the day. But one day I showed up and the old disc drive was gone from the new computers, and had been replaced by a CD drive. So, I quickly updated my system.

The lesson here is that CDs are rapidly becoming the *8-track tapes* of the 21st Century. I burned some CDs for a friend mine so he could listen to his music in his car, and noticed that each one took over five minutes to burn. When I updated his iPod, it took about ten seconds.

Technologies overlap. Of course the CD will be replaced by online downloading, which is so powerful and advanced right now that you can stream high-definition movies. But DVDs, and CDs, will remain for those who prefer them. I guess it's like when cars were invented, and many people preferred the old-fashioned, tried and true way, the horse.

Yeah, I'm a Mac guy. I'm used to people wondering why I spend so much money on a computer, and I guess it's the same as someone shouting *get a horse!* when those new-fangled automobiles were invented. My life, and my career, has been made better by advances in technology, and hopefully it will always remain that way.

We will all soon forget what CDs, and DVDs, were. By the way, in case you're wondering what a disc was before CDs, here is a picture of one. They were great at the time, but I really don't miss them.

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