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May 25, 2014

Using an ereader outdoors

If you've seen people reading a book on an ereader outdoors, and have been wondering how well it works, I can tell you - it works great. There is a trick to it, though, you have to get the correct type of ereader.

No, I'm not talking about the brand, although I am happy with my Nook. I am talking about the type of screen. It's called an *e-ink* screen, and it's different from the common screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.

If you walk into a store, you really won't see what e-ink is all about. Inside of a store, or anywhere indoors, the bright color screens look great. But if you take it outside, well, it's not so easy to read on. OK if you just need to glance at your phone, but absolutely miserable for reading, especially because of the glare.

The good news is that the simple e-ink version of ereaders, like my Nook, are the cheapest. They only display in black-and-white, which is really want you want to be able to read off of. There is no glare. They work fine outdoors, really.

OK, I'm gonna go back outside and get back to my book now.

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