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May 23, 2014

Why you should create original content to enhance your SEO

If you're trying to enhance your SEO, that is, your Search Engine Optimization, in order to get a higher indexing on a Google search, avoid recycling. Create original content.

No, this isn't about people who have already seen the information before, chances are they haven't. But the Google bots have. The Google bots go through the entire web all of the time, looking for content to index. When they find old stuff (for example, if you copy and paste this post), they go *meh, old stuff* and move along. Yeah, the bots can do that. Pretty cool, huh?

So, take a deep breath, and create original content. Don't *copy and paste* into your blog, or your Google+ page. If you're concerned that you don't write well, don't worry. If you can write a letter, or a postcard, you can write a blog, or a Google+ post.

Be original. The Google bots will reward you with better indexing, and besides, it really is the right thing to do!

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