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June 9, 2014

How to figure out if Google+ is right for you

If you've been seeing mentions of Google+, and have been wondering if it's *any good or not*, rephrase the question and ask yourself *is it right for me?*

Google+ is right for you if

• You desire exposure. Google+ is the biggest stage there is in the world. It is not a place for privacy, it's a place for exposure. If you're like me and would like to talk about how great the City of Phoenix is, or promote your cartoon illustration, or just generally share ideas with people all over the world, then Google+ taps into that, simply by being a part of Google, the world's biggest search engine. Wow, I sound like a commercial! Sorry about that. By the way, there are lots of other social media sites out there, but consider that in spite whatever a site tells you about privacy, if you choose to put stuff on the web, it's not private. To protect your privacy as best you can, never post anything on the web, and ask your friends not to post anything about you, either. I have friends like this whose privacy I respect.

• You want to be indexed by Google. This is Search Engine Optimization stuff. If that's meaningless to you, then don't worry about it. If you want to be found on a Google Search, you really gotta find out about this stuff!

• You have a bit of an ego. Google+ is a *hey, look at me!* kind of place. It's a very poor place for people who would prefer to not show their face, or give out their real name. And because of that, it's filled with a lot of real people, some of whom have things that they would like to say, in person, not anonymously.

And there you go. Decide for yourself. Personally, I fit all three reasons (above) to use Google+. If you choose not to, that's fine, I can respect that.

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