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June 25, 2014

Making a name for yourself by signing your work

As an art teacher, I watch to see if people will sign their work. If they do, without hesitation, that's a good sign of their future success. If they don't, I don't push them, but it worries me.

Making a name for yourself is all about accountability. When you sign your work, you are telling people that you made that, and that you are proud of it. There is nothing timid about a person who signs their work. This is a person who has given their best, and is proud to say so.

Think of famous people that you know. What is the first thing you think of? Yes, their name. Whatever they did, they attached a name to their work. It might have been a nick-name, or it might have been the name that they were born with. It might have been a goofy name that they rose above.

So, sign your work. If it's good, you will want to. If you want people to know who did it, proclaim it to the world. Yes, it's ego, but it's a good kind of ego. My favorite story about this is about an artist who had done a sculpture, only to hear people claiming that it had been done by someone else. He went back to his sculpture the next day and wrote *Michelangelo Buonarroti of Florence Made This*. Yes, that's what it says on Mary's sash of The Pieta.

We need more people like this. Sign your work! Make a name for yourself!

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