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A reason why people appear to be so dumb on social media

We've all seen people who post some dumb comments on social media, like Facebook, or Google+. And I don't mean anything rude, just, well, dumb. Like they didn't read the previous comments on the post, or they obviously couldn't see what the photo was of. Or words that really make no sense.

And yes, there are dumb people out there (I am proud to say that I have been a member of that group for a long time), but there is another reason - different devices.

If you have the luxury of reading social media on a nice big screen with a full keyboard, like I do, it may be difficult to understand how tricky it is to do it on a Smart Phone, or a tablet. And it has nothing to do with being dumb, it just has to do with the physical limitations of looking at something on a tiny screen with a keyboard that you have to use with your thumbs. And add to it that many people are using voice apps, that consistently misunderstand what you say, and it's difficult to see that it heard *frog* instead of *dog*, and it gets posted that way.

So relax. Give the benefit of the doubt. They really didn't mean to introduce the concept of frogs on the dogs Facebook page. And if there were 50 previous comments, while it's possible to do on a Smart Phone, it's a hassle to go through all of them. Especially as they're probably checking it at the airport, or somewhere where there are a lot of distractions.

When I'm on social media, I'm on my big, beautiful iMac. I have the luxury of a full-sized keyboard, and a 21-inch screen. That doesn't make me any smarter than someone who is using a device that isn't as comfortable, it's just easier for me.