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July 8, 2014

Do things last forever on the internet?

If you're wondering if things last forever on the internet, the answer is yes. But if you're wondering if they are visible, in a practical sense, the answer is no. Please let me explain.

Yes, that embarrassing photo that you uploaded onto the web can't be gotten back. You shouldn't have posted it. Nor should you have made that nasty comment. You can't get it back. And that should be a pretty good incentive for you to behave yourself, but really, the amount of new information that piles up constantly on top of it will bury it fairly quickly.

Think of it as layers building up. As each new layer is added, the previous layer gets deeper, and harder to access. Google search engines will still index it, but it will be on page 431,976. The chances of any, real, live human being ever seeing it again are close to nil. But yes, it's still there.

And that's the reason that you need to continue to keep your image fresh on the internet. And that's the real importance of social media. My website, has been there since 1999, but if it didn't get visitors, or back links that are current, it would fade away under the crushing amount of new layers added every day, every hour, every second, on the internet.

So, be nice. Nasty comments, rude photos, etc., last forever on the internet. Whether people will ever see them again is besides the point. And if you do want people to see your stuff, keep it fresh.

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